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Cybernetic revolt – End of human civilization?

Most of us would have seen movies that portray super-intelligent beings reigning, surpassing the abilities of humans and getting out of control. Movies like ” The Matrix“, “I, Robot“, “The Red Planet” and “Endhiran (tamil film)” portray the fiction that is yet to become a reality. It might be comfortable, even thrilling, to sit back and conjure or speculate such a theory but when it happens for real, can the sapiens take it? I really doubt that. In that case, the machines will make us a take a stand – Cybernetic revolt

Developing beings that can reproduce and replicate independently might not be a very wise move. If it has to be done, there must be a centralized control that can control, or in extreme cases, kill all the beings that have gone rogue.

As portrayed in movies, after the machines take over humanity, the scenario is knows as “Machine Rule“.

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