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Dexter – Is there a word to describe it’s “awesomeness”?

Dexter, my favorite TV serial by “Showtime” is the best entertaining and mind boggling TV program I’ve come across, until now at least. Jeff Lindsay has done an astoundingly remarkable job by writing a script that just makes you jump off your seats at certain points. I literally paused the video, got off my chair with my hands over my head and went like OMFG! The twists in the stories are unforeseeable though they are just in front of you.

I don’t want to be a big time spoiler so I’m not telling where I went the aforementioned OMFG! (Okay, I can’t hold it. At the end of the first season when… Just watch it..  If you don’t feel surprised, if not shocked, I’ll eat my shoes).

As of now, I’m in the second season. I’ll keep updating in the “Dexter” subcategory about the latest episodes and other OMFG twists.

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