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Multiverse – An array of universes!

First of all, I am not making the term up. When I heard it for the first time, I too was freaked out and felt weird. It was like saying something like “Merth – Multiple arrays of earths”.

I did some research and found that this was a theory propounded by scientists – A hypothesis that is an extension of the String theory. This theory proposes that the multiverse contains sections or an array of multiple universes. Now, the term “universes” itself is contradictory because “Uni” means one and it would be illogical to say “Universes”.

The string theory is a framework that was built and still being developed in order to blend the two monster theories – The general relativity theory and the quantum mechanics.  The basic idea is that the electrons and quarks in an atom are not zero dimensional but 1 dimensional.

Listen to Dr.Michio Kaku talk about “Parallel Universes“.

Take a journey into the realms of the infinite. Check out a simulation of the parallel universes or the multiverse.

This concept deals with some brain crunching numbers, something in the order of 10000^10000. For now, we can just imagine how they look. One day, in the distant future, we might be able to travel to “another universe” using some kind of machine that makes us travel or surpass the infinite distances of the void. That would be one hell of a ride, though.

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