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Dexter – Comments from a die hard fan

I’ve been “Dextering” a lot lately and it’s been fantastic. I’m loving it a lot but certain parts [A spoiler is the last thing I want to be] of the story (particularly one at the end of season 4 killed me) are very touching.

Though it has this luminous side to it, I’m just wondering how people just disappear. I mean, after Micheal Prado disappeared, his wife never ever came back to Rita. They had no problems between them, they also were about to be colleges but she just disappeared and never came back. There is no episode that shows she is dead or something but when a character is gone, his friends, wife and anybody related to that character are just erased from the life of Dexter Morgan or his family? That’s crazy and a broken link in the story. Ramon prado goes to prison but he would have been released soon but nothing on him after that. There are many such incidents or breaks that could have been avoided.

To conclude, it would have been better if the characters that were close and prominent characters were kept intact from the Morgans’ lives instead of just erasing them just like that. I will finish the 2 remaining seasons and then write the feedback again.

If any of you reading this are fans, then please comment with your reviews. If you haven’t started yet, I highly recommend you start watching the show. It is awesome! You won’t regret. You’ll be kissing yourself for it. LOL.

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2 comments on “Dexter – Comments from a die hard fan

  1. akchutha
    October 23, 2012

    speaking of spoilers. . . . .Do u wanna know ….. hmmm … lets say …..

    • rajkamalm
      November 1, 2012

      I will thank you eternally if you stop being a spoiler from now on! 😉

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