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The Large Hadron Collider

I’m pretty sure that most of us would have heard about a doomsday story that the hadron collider might cause.  They think that it might produce stable micro black holes or hypothetical particles known as strangelets. Well, it’s the general public fear. If anything that is newly invented is way too complex for a layman to understand, it starts giving them panic attacks and they speak crap about a magnanimous advancement. The Wright Brothers were mocked upon and ridiculed when they tried to “fly in the sky” but they never gave up. That is the reason why we reach JFK airport from Chennai in ~20 hours or less.

The Hadron particle collider is a monster project worth 6.5 billion euros. Scientists made a lot of findings with the help of this LHC. One of the particles that was identified was the Higgs boson dubbed the “God Particle” by the media. According to Wikipedia, the definition of Boson goes like this: “It is a type of particle that allows multiple identical particles to exist in the same place in the same quantum state”

Here’s a short video about the “God Particle”.

Here  is a short video on the LHC.

If you have an hour to kill (or spend it usefully), here’s a detailed insight on the LHC.

Some of the other findings are the quark–gluon plasma. This particle is equally dense to the densest known particle until now – The black holes. It also concluded that if the Higgs boson existed, is is most likely to have a mass around 115-130 GeV.

Future upgrades of the LHC are being proposed in order to carry out the experiments with a higher degree of efficiency  and precision.

Hope that LHC will provide answers to the most interesting and unanswered questions of science, like,

How did the Universe begin, Is there an “end” to time, Has time and space always existed or were they “created” at a definite point of time, answers to the singularities at the center of black holes, answers to questions about anti-matter and dark matter like WIMPs and MACHOs and many others.

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