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Further comments on Dexter

Hey guys! Now that I have watched all the 76 episodes of Dexter released till date, I am in some position to comment and criticize. Season 6 was super awesome. I’d like to mention a few mistakes that I noticed though.

In season 6, this woman Beth uses Sargent Batista’s key card to get through the entrance, that’s fine. But why doesn’t the officer at the reception of the homicide department realize that she was not wearing the visitor badge. I mean, it’s natural right? The officer is supposed to make sure she came to the top “legally”. That’s one.

The second one is, when Harrison is kidnapped by [I don’t want to be a spoiler], Dexter reaches the exact building where he was taken? How? Was he a psychic or something? The police installed units in like 6 + sky scrapers but how did Dexter get to the very same building where Harrison was taken, without any help? This seems very unlikely.

The finale of the 6th season is BULLSHIT. I don’t know what the directors were thinking but they killed an awesome part of the story. I’m not going to tell what it is because that is the biggest spoiler in the whole wide world. It is really stupid. Why on earth did Deb come to church without ANY backup, anyway? That is very unlikely of her. This case was a very very big one and you just walk into a place that a killer might be without even minimal backup? Again, director’s fault. Worse, she was not even holding the gun in her hand. It was in her holster. You walk in a place of HIGH risk with a gun in your holster?

Maria should be very happy about the role that the directors gave her, finding a blood slide in the church. At last, she did something at a crime scene, other than pissing people off. This is also very unlikely. I’ve never seen Maria solve a case, not even a part of it but she looks into some underground mini-gutter and finds a blood slide just like that? I mean.. WTH? That was so stupid. There is no rational way that could have happened.

I’m not sure if I missed this but I do not understand why they made Maria was the Captain. I know she blackmailed Dep.Chief Tom Mathews with something and she gives a USB drive back to him after being made a captain. They might better tell what happened there or “Tonight’s the night”. LOL.

Next is Travis trying to kill Batista. He is holding Sgt.Batista at gunpoint and Quinn arrives. What does Travis have to lose? He could have lodged a bullet into his head and run away. He’s a psycho for god’s sake. It is very likely that anyone would put a  bullet into his head and then set the room on fire. Why didn’t he do that. I mean, it was not in the script obviously but.. That’s more likely to happen than what happened.

Before all this, somewhere in the 5th season, you must remember a guy wrapped in plastic runs away from Dexter’s car in the warehouse and he makes it look like he was indulging in self bonding, shot the dentist guy and he died of asphyxiation. There, no one wondered how Dexter got his car behind the warehouse even though there were units were stationed around it. Someone should have seen Dexter coming in, right but nobody gets suspicious on him (Good for him, though). His cover was almost blown.

Besides all this, there are lots of other small mistakes. I’d be posting again with comments after I have completed the 7th season(December) but in the meanwhile, if I find something worth posting, I will. If you’re reading this and you watch Dexter too, leave comments and any other goofs that you may have noticed.

PS :- I’m not finding faults here, I’m just noticing the mistakes and telling that the show would have been even better without them.


3 comments on “Further comments on Dexter

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  2. akchutha
    October 23, 2012

    dude .. enough of finding faults ….. Dexter might follow Harry’s code …. but this fan might not ….

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