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The best Dexter Wallpaper Collection

Hey Guys! I have downloaded a few wallpapers of Dexter and crew and I think it’s awesome. So, I’m sharing it with you, fellow fans. I have tried my best to upload the maximum number of pictures. I will upload more if I come across new ones. If you guys have any new pictures other than these, then kindly post the link as a comment.

I did not upload a rar file because I need to keep re-uploading the file every time I want to upload a new wallpaper. All the wallpapers are HD 1920×1200 and a few of them are 1280×1204. Pretty awesome quality. Get back to me guys ~ Comment!

Download Dexter HD Wallpapers

Note: No Copyright infringement/Intellectual property theft intended. I like the TV show “Dexter” very much and I am just blogging about it. I do NOT own any of the pictures. All trademarks, names and the content belong to the respective copyright holders/creators of the work.

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3 comments on “The best Dexter Wallpaper Collection

  1. akchutha
    October 26, 2012

    this is indeed a great dexter wallpapers collection … Ty so much for sharing

    • rajkamalm
      October 26, 2012

      Fan to Fan buddy , 🙂 . No Problem!

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