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UFO – More factual than I thought !

Unidentified flying object

Unidentified flying object (Photo credit: prodigaldog)

Yea! UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects. The word “Unidentified” adds thrill and mystery to the whole concept. In the course of time, there are uncountable reports of UFO sightings. We must first understand that most of the claims can be hoaxes. On the other hand, to a woman glancing at the sky from her kitchen window, a bright blue or a white dot might seem like a UFO. But, to any UFO enthusiast or a sky watcher or a pilot, it is obvious that it is either the planet Venus or the star Sirius. Lack of proper knowledge about the position of the stars and normal astro-phenomena are the primary reasons why people attribute normal phenomenon to UFOs. This is the reason why most of the UFO claims are being initially treated as hoaxes.

On the other hand, there are a handful of claims that are genuine and reported by NASA or other agencies as “Unidentified Object” or “Unknown/Unidentified Phenomenon”. Below is a video which shows US Air force personnel (or at least Ex-Air force Personnel), from their testimonies from a declassified US  report of an alleged UFO claim, who, without a doubt, affirm that the sightings were not normal and the objects were unidentified/strange or unknown. Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, makes the news public. He is convinced that the extraterrestrials are trying to warn us or at least communicate something about nuclear devices development because most of the alleged UFO sighting sites that were specified in the testimony in question were in or around a nuclear power facility.

We can attribute many sightings to explainable phenomenon like a passing military aircraft, a parachute of some type and the like. But there are certain claims that we have to take up seriously and research on it. It is obvious that the governments of various countries are already researching the claims but they keep the information highly classified in order to prevent paranoia among the public. For instance, the “Area 51” in the state of Nevada, United States is suspected to harbor facilities that are used to reverse engineer, research crashed aliens and their ships. If these classified details are published to the the public, there might be an outbreak of religious hysteria and doomsday crap stories. So, it is better that these information stay classified.

Thanks to the people who leak classified material, there is a video which  is alleged to be the actual footage of what they call an alien autopsy. The “disc” that crashed in Roswell (near New Mexico)   was recovered along with the bodies of some aliens. The government is said to have covered this up by conjuring a story about a covert military parachute that was being tested and it was capable of detecting atomic bomb testing by the Russians.This event, was however, proved to be a hoax. Anyway, it’s worth checking this video out. This event was called the The Roswell UFO incident
and this is the most famous alleged alien ship crash to have ever been recorded. This event led to more speculation on the remoteness and secrecy of  Area 51.

Video of an alleged Alien Autopsy

Below is the collection of all probable UFO sightings.

Check out the list of all the alleged UFO sightings (Wikipedia)

There have been a lot of phenomenon that have been reported to be paranormal. One of the events which has authentic evidence is the 2008 Turkey UFO Sightings. These videos are though to be one of the most authentic and the best UFO videos to be caught on tape. Watch the actual video footage below.

Part 1 of the Turkey UFO Sightings

Part 2 of the Turkey UFO Sightings

Here is another confirmed UFO sighting, a very closeup video shot by officers from Illinois Police Department. It mildly suggests that we are and we will remain stupid if we still deny that there is some form of extraterrestrial activity going on for some reason.

Actually, UFOs are making media sensation now. Watch this compilation of alleged UFO sightings. Not all claims can be ignored or considered as hoaxes. These videos were taken not by one but by many – The general Public. Although a reference is made to the supposed formation of a black hole – That is where we have to STOP! There is no way a black hole can pop out of thin air just like that! That is crap but other than that, all claims must be seriously considered and researched. The video below is the compilation of various alleged UFO sightings across various nations. Check it out.

Another incident, the Allagash Abduction, is a reliable and documented UFO sighting. There’s more than that to the story. The aliens allegedly abducted 4 campers from the wilderness and performed humiliating experiments on them, including collection of skin samples and fluids. The four campers were put under hypnosis and the authenticity of their stories were verified using a lie detector. The 4 campers, being artists, were able to give a sketch on how their abductors looked like. Check out the video – The abductees explaining their scariest experiences.

Here is another close encounter with alleged UFO. These people were diagnosed with radiation poisoning after getting in close contact with the UFO. It’s called the Cash Landrum Incident .

In Australia, the most famous aircraft disappearance that was attributed to a UFO is the Valentich Disapperance. This was well documented. The pilot’s last words were “It’s hovering and it’s not an aircraft” before both the plane with the pilot vanished in thin air. No wreckage of the plane or the body of the pilot was ever found. Unsolved Mysteries throws an insight into this event. Check out the video (dramatization) with the actual exchanges between the Air traffic control and the pilot.

I do not know why there is no mainstream media attention in India about UFOs. I’m only speculating ! They see some strange light hovering in the sky and the next thing they do is go to a temple and thank God for making himself visible. I mean no disrespect but that is engraved in the minds of our people. A lot of people don’t even know what an UFO is. They never report such incidents. It is said that the UFO sighting were teeming just before the Tsunami that wrecked South Asia in December, 2004. The Indian Army stationed at the foot hills of the Himalayas and the local residents are alleged of recently reporting many strange UFO sightings.

Well, that is all for now! That’s a lot to take in. UFO is a controversial topic, there is not much evidence to accept or refuse the topic. I, personally believe that there are some unexplained anomalies that are yet to be explained. If we consider 100 UFO sightings and even if 95 of them are either fake or mistaken or can be explained with a rational reason – the remaining cases are worthy to be researched. Man’s curiosity will never end until he does. It has always been a motivating factor and will continue to be. So, it’s up to you. You have the resources to cross check the information. This is a topic that is interesting, thrilling and worth knowing.

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