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My DOTA 2 Experience

English: This is a logo owned by Valve Corpora...

English: This is a logo owned by Valve Corporation for Dota 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey guys! It’s been long since I posted. I’m having my exams so I don’t get much time. It’s not that I am studying, I’m playing DOTA 2 on Steam. This is one hell of a game. I got the key from a free giveaway by  AlienwareArena, they had some 6000 keys or so. I was lucky to bag one of them. I did not personally like DOTA 2 since I felt that DOTA 1 was better and more user friendly. I saw a couple of my friends play DOTA2 and I tried because they asked me to. I tried – Lo and behold – I got addicted – Like every other DOTA player on this planet. Just three words – Just Freakin’ Awesome.

I  play with razor, the only hero I know to play properly until now. I recently started with sniper and Zeus. I will have to switch to melee heroes sometime in the future. I play moderately with razor since I have been playing him for 95% of the time. He is easy to play, easy to farm with and he has got a passive skill 😉 . So, only 3 skills to choose from. His skills have got a large AOE and so, you can abuse the person in the opposite and lure him/make him desperate to lay hands on you and make surprise ganks happen, just like that. This is really awesome and a walk in the park.

The problem here is there are very frequent power cuts in our area of residence and they are not timed. So most of the time, after I begin a game, the power goes off and my Internet connection gets disconnected. Players either think that I left the game in rage or I just intentionally left the game and they report me to steam calling me a “leaver”. This reporting puts you into the “Low priority punishment pool” and you do not receive any battle points and you do not level up. This is pathetic because I am being denied progress for no reason except that there was a power cut and I can do nothing about it.

The thing is, if I start playing this game, I just continue doing it and nothing else. Hours just flow and each game which lasts for about 40 minutes to an hour seems like some 10 minute play. The dynamic and active game-play keeps you 100% occupied. You need to use techniques, common sense and knowledge on the items required for users in order to be successful in DOTA. It’s not that you download a game and play well the next day, it’s never going to happen. I have been playing for a while but I am still learning – the basics. You need to be a team player for success in this game. This is the only online real-time multiplayer strategy game to my knowledge that has so many number of players. You log into your account at 2:00 AM and search for a match, you’ll see a million players online. Pub matches are always available – 24x7x30x365. That’s the best part.

Besides all this, DOTA2 has a fantastic interface – a very user friendly one. You get all the help you need – from learning builds of heroes, their skills and the way to play them. Here, all the items required for the heroes are  classified under various categories like “Early game”,”Core”,”Situational Items”. This is invaluable because in DOTA1, you need to remember all the combinations and for items. Here, it is all displayed and you an get it with the click of a button (provided you have enough gold). One thing I didn’t like is Roshan – he looks very weird and yucky in this.

All in all an awesome game. 9.9/10. I highly appreciate Valve, Steam and most importantly Icefrog for this wonderful game. This game will never die until there are DOTA fans and the Internet.

If you have anything to share about DOTA2, comment and share your experiences.

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