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Back after 8 months… First post on Dota 2!

Hey there fellas! Back with a bang, I’ve been missing my blog-writing all these days! Um, I was mostly into gaming~ Dota 2. The last time I posted about Dota 2, I had about some 300-400 hours of Dota 2 experience but now, it’s precisely 1234 hours. Below is the screenshot of my Library page of my Steam Interface :

My Steam Interface

1234 hours of Dota!

I go by the name of Dexter M0Rg@N in the game. And you know why I chose that name, don’t you? Of course, it’s because of the character from TV show – Dexter. Ah, I’m writing a post on that after this so I’ll talk more about Dexter there.

If you check out my last post on Dota ~ My DOTA 2 Experience, you will notice that I told you guys I was playing only razor. Now, I’m playing everybody else but him. I see a dramatic and a Goliath-like change in my gaming style. I play so many characters (known as heros) in the game, I never initially thought I could. I play characters like Silencer, Wind runner, Jakiro, Disruptor among many others. I also got hands on Invoker, who has the highest number of spells in the game  – 10 spells. For some reason, I never play Razor now and I don’t know why. I just don’t.

Recently, Dota 2 was made a free-to-play game and was made available to the entire world (previously it was on Beta and there were only limited keys given away) but now, anyone on the planet can download it and play. Moreover, recently, the game was made available to Mac and Linux users as well. This expanded the Dota 2 Community beyond everyone’s expectations and there are currently – Wait for it – approx 5 million unique players every month. This number is greater than all the players of other top 10 games on steam combined – Dota 2 has made a HUGE record. Awesome game and challenging players. Always a Dota 2 gamer (or if I don’t get to game, I’ll be an enthusiast).

The International 3 (TI3) got over on August 11th and the grand prize (a whooping 1.4 million USD) was won by team “Alliance”. I was happy for them but since I am a die-hard Natus Vincere (Na`vi) fan, I wanted them to take away the grand prize but it didn’t happen. Anyway, congrats Team Alliance, good job there. If you don’t already know, this prize money is the highest in the E-Sports history, no other game or event offers this much. Long live Valve, Long Live Dota 2.

So, that is pretty much it. I’m gonna be posting again regularly from now on (I guess). I’m gonna have to balance out the timing between gaming and blogging. All game and no blog makes my writing a little blunt so.. Will balance them out.  All the very best to all. Good luck 🙂

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