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Science and God – Can they ever go together?

Is there a God?

God and Science – Is there really a God?

Well, one of the most mysterious questions we ask is “Is there a God?”. There might be different perspectives and angles to think of before giving an answer but there are only 3 answers for this question – Yes, No and I don’t know. The three answers shall be given by people classified into three different groups – Theist, agnostic and atheist. Now, we all know the three classifications but how much have we thought of about the reasons that people give to support their claim about either the existence or the non-existence of God?

If you ask a theist or a person who staunchly believes in the presence of at least one deity, you will get a lot of explanations. The first one will be about the birth of the Universe. Needless to say, one of the most baffling mysteries is the creation of the universe itself. How did matter come into existence? If, at the Big Bang, all things were so close and dense with infinite mass, how did such a cluster come into existence? How is that we find only life on Earth and not anywhere else in the universe (at least until now, we do not have any concrete evidence to claim extra terrestrial existence). A theist will tell you that any and all of these require creation and the creator is God. Nothing can be created without a creator. A theist also strongly believes that the creator or God is omnipotent, omnipresent and is capable of manipulating the Universe because he created it. I have read on some blogs about people explaining that the position of our planet itself explains there has to be a mastermind creator because if Earth had been in the place of Venus, we would have boiled to death and if it had been in the place of Mars, we would have frozen to death. Also, a big planet like Jupiter should have been put deliberately to pull wandering asteroids away from Earth.  Be it Ram or Jesus or Allah or any other God for that matter – believers consider their creator holy and they offer prayers and rituals to their respective Gods.

If you ask an atheist or a person who staunchly believes that there is no God or there is no necessity for a creator to exist, then he is going to tell you his perspective on why he thinks there is no God. He explains that the Universe was born out of one of the million of random events that occurred. He also explains that all events that occur in the universe are random and there is no real need for a creator. He also demands proof for God ~ Has anyone seen God? Why is he not communicating with us (and he himself answers the question ~ Because there is no such thing as God) and he also asks us why we think a creator is required? Most atheists believe in the science and they claim that people who are lazy to find answers to the universe’s most baffling mysteries , seek God. To them, Science is God and people who believe in God are lazy, ignorant and dull-minded.

Ask an agnostic and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t know if God exists because he doesn’t have proof. This means he doesn’t have proof for either claiming or denying the existence of God. So, he says I am neither a theist nor an atheist, I’m on the border. Agnostics can partly favor either side (called Agnostic theism and Agnostic atheism) based on the inclination of their thoughts.

So, why I am writing this article is a few months ago, an acquaintance bitterly fought with me while we were having a conversation on this topic. He said something like “People with low intelligence and who are stupid believe in God” and I was like “Dude, that is rude.” and he started abusing me so badly that I had to remove him from my list on Facebook. I was trying to explain what I think about this whole God and atheist thing but he wouldn’t listen. He is a college dropout but a good journalist from Arunachal Pradesh.

Some believers in Science keep hating believers in God and I don’t know why. They consider people who believe in God as intellectually inferior and lazy or dumb thinkers. Why? You do not have the right to be rude and dismiss the claim of the presence of a God because you simply do not have the proof. You don’t. Also, the person who believes in the presence of God, doesn’t have proof either. So, the opinions are yours but put them out in a polite and a dignified way and not otherwise.

Since a few years, I have been thinking about this subject and I have a few suggestions. These Gods we hear about are omnipresent and omnipotent and they have supreme powers and can manipulate the entire universe. I came across an article in Wikipedia ~ Clarke’s three laws . The third law got me curious – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“. So, what I started thinking is, these Gods of various religions we know of, could be some form of very advanced extra terrestrial life. Why don’t we think of God in a scientific way? Why are they always on the other side of science? Nobody can (at least of now), provide rock solid evidence about the presence of a God and also nobody can disprove the claim. Considering “God” as some form of extra terrestrial life could open doors to a whole new level of discussion and I haven’t seen any such kind of discussion until now. Keep progressing scientifically and think of God scientifically (not based on religion, other beliefs or superstitions) and if there happens to be a God, we might be able to reach him through science.

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