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Does anyone want Dexter to end?

Dexter - The last Night

Dexter is coming to an end

Hey guys and fellow Dexter fans! How are you doing? Hope you are doing great! The “final” season is on the run and 7 episodes are already over and only 5 more are yet to come. Most fans, if not all, don’t want the show to end. They want one more season at least but the producers have decided to put an end to it. Sad.

Michael C Hall‘s performance is fantastic and awesome! The expressions, the way he reacts to situations and stuff are all mind blowing. I’m sure I’m gonna feel real bad when this ends. Remember when Friends ended, millions literally cried. The same might happen for Dexter. So many people are so attached to the characters and so when the credits come up saying there is no more of this show, it hurts.

The season has been great so far but what I feel is there is not enough excitement and thrill like the previous seasons. For instance, think of the story of Travis Marshall. Every episode was super thrilling and a total freaking mystery. Another example would be the ice truck killer episodes, super awesome and a nice touch of suspense. I think that kind of suspense, mystery or excitement is not there in season 8. The stories could have been even more thrilling and exciting.

The sudden appearance of Dr. Vogel also destroys the storyline and the question of why she didn’t arrive when the Bay Harbor Butcher case (One of the largest and most baffling cases for Miami Police Dept.) was in progress, arises. The Ice truck killer case should have made her curious too. Why not then? Why now? The depressive Deb and the problems between the siblings have been portrayed very well earlier in the season. Dr. Vogel played a predominant part in rehabilitating Deb and bringing her back to her brother. The reunion was touching since Dexter, being a psychopath, has so much feelings for Deb and never ever gives up on her – A nice touch of brotherly love portrayed.

A special mention about Deb ( Jennifer Carpenter) : She is super awesome. I mean, she was a newbie in the first season but what an escalation! Wow! She is beautiful, talented and smart. She picked up so very well and now, every expression and gesture has so much professionalism in it. Perfect! Love you Deb! 🙂

If you guys have any comments on Dexter, just leave a comment!

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