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Education System in India

Education in India

Indian school students

Hey there guys! Well, education is a predominant factor in the growth of a nation in so many ways! A nation without a proper education system or where the educated individuals are less would, for sure, be an under-developed country. So, education is the backbone of a country’s progress and economy.

In India, the education systems “seems” to be working well because people who graduate and have degrees in India get into companies like Infosys, TCS, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other top notch companies. The problem is we just look at those people, we do not look at people who are highly talented and they end up in some completely unrelated job that they never thought they had to do in their lives. Yes, I’d like to put those people under spotlight in this post.

If you are an Indian and you are reading this, you probably know how the education system works here. The children’s dreams, in most cases, are just destroyed and they become what their parents want to become. This is the truth and no one can deny it. The students here, for the most part, do not decide what they want to become. Not that they don’t want to or they don’t know how to but parents force their children into a stream that they think has “future” and shove them in without even considering what their son or daughter is passionate about. As a result of this, the student is forced to take up and study subjects even though he is not passionate about it and his dream of becoming something else is completely destroyed. They do it and some become successful and some perish. I have seen both the outcomes.

I’ve had friends who are really passionate about being an engineer and they (luckily) get into the stream they are passionate about. They come out with flying colors. The other type of students are those who don’t know what engineering is and they just come in because a friend or a relative told them it is good. These kind of students are mostly from rural areas. I don’t blame them because they got to do something and they do not have the exposure or the right people to tell them what to do. People just tell them to pick either the Computer Science & Engineering stream or the Electronics & Communication Stream and they just blindly go for it. Some of them (whom I personally know) have succeeded and come out well but others (also, whom I know personally) have just perished with a dozen of backlogs.

The typical mindset of an Indian parent is to see their son/daughter as either a doctor or an engineer. Any typical Indian college student will agree with me on this. Since the expense of making his/her offspring a doctor costs a lot (and I mean A LOT!), middle class parents even narrow down the scope and decide that their son/daughter will become an engineer. We all will be happy if their son/daughter really wants to be an engineer but what if the son wants to be an artist and the daughter wants to be a singer? The first reaction you get from the parents would be “How the hell re you going to earn by singing or painting? Are you kidding me? ” The student is continuously told that they cannot earn or survive by doing what the love doing and over time, it is embedded in the student’s mind that they cannot pursue what they want to and they just give up and I don’t blame them too because what else can they do? They have to depend on their parents and when they terribly force you into something, I think there are very few things left that can be done.

As it is already discussed in so many other websites, blogs and forums – The education system that is being followed currently was designed centuries ago based on the industrialization need. We need to look at the entire system again and make changes to it to suit the current day needs. If you had watched Sir Ken Robinson talk about how “schools kill creativity” in children, you’d understand what I am talking about. If you have not yet watched it, I have embedded it below. Please watch it – it is a must watch. Schools just kill creativity in children and they educate everyone in the very same way. When we keep killing the creativity in children, we will lose so many creative and original work – be it in science and technology/Arts and Music or in any other field imaginable. We need to rethink what intelligence is – It is not just about the marks in academics ; it is also about the original work and their contribution to their field of interest and to the humanity as a whole.

Sir Ken Robinson on “How schools kill creativity” in children

The reason why parents force their children to take up Engineering or Medicine is that the parents are way too scared about their child’s future. They think that if he or she takes up any other field like archeology or paleontology or history/political sciences, he or she might not end up in a well paid job and hence will not have a bright future. That is why they insist and force their children into known waters. As a result of this, a snowball effect has occurred and way too many engineers graduated in a given year and most of them are jobless. There are so many engineers that are simply not qualified and they just have a degree but they have no working knowledge. They will not be able to survive in this field so they are forced to resort to some other profession. They might become business men or they jump into some Government jobs (banks, state welfare) or some unrelated and odd profession. Had the student been given an opportunity to take up studies in his area of interest, he might have come out with flying colors and he would have been soaring high instead of doing some odd job for a living. So, the bottom-line is the parents are to be educated and made aware that they ought to make wise decisions and respect their children’s ambitions and goals and let them become what they are passionate about.

Um, that is pretty much it. When the education system starts respecting the creativity in children and when we rethink the definition of intelligence, our growth in every field would be tremendous and even sky wouldn’t be our limit.

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