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500 GB of data – GONE!

Microsoft Management Console

Microsoft Management Console (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What an unlucky day ! I was trying to help a friend with his corrupted pen drive and accidentally deleted a 500 GB partition on my laptop that contained all the data – Pictures, Scanned copy of documents, Movies, Music, Games and everything ! Alas!

My friend’s Toshiba Pen drive was corrupted and I wasn’t able to format it. So, I went into the Computer Management section and I tried to format it from there but then I clicked on the wrong drive. In a hurry, I clicked on the partition (thinking it was the Pen Drive) and clicked on Delete Partition and clicked YES in the warning dialog Box right away! Only then my friend and I noticed that I have deleted the wrong partition ! Alas! Gotta pay more attention from now and never be in a hurry whilst doing such things! I don’t blame anyone, it’s just my carelessness! Learned a lesson the hard way. Now, I am using a recovery software to restore the partition as a whole. I’m using Mini Power Data Recovery Tool!

I hope the recovery software is gonna give me back most of my files but I’d have a lot of rearranging to do – Everything would be in a haphazard manner. Gotta put everything into the proper folders again! But it’s okay, I mean.. It’s better than not being able to recover anything at all.

So, guys! Careful. Your fingers might be fast but make sure you choose the right drive before you do something to it. The aftermath is bad. Care!

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