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Mars One on Deccan Chronicle

Mars One in Media

Mars One in Media

Hey there, fellas! Been a while since my last post. A couple of days back, while I was out shopping with a friend, I got this text message from Facebook. A Deccan Chronicle editor was interested in my Mars One Application and asked me if I could give my insight in the MO project and I was like, “Why not? Sure”.

She gave me a set of 5 questions and it was a “Facebook – interview”. I promised to answer those questions by that night and I did. And today, the article has come up in “Hyderabad Chronicle” – Page 17. Mars One is getting all the media exposure it requires. The media is interested in the insights and thoughts of the Mars Aspirants and all newspapers frequently publish an article about Mars One.

Here is the link TO ARTICLE ON MARS ONE (8-Sep-2013) on Hyderabad Chronicle. I feel and I know that Mars One is going to come out with flying colors. When Wright Brothers told that they made a machine that could fly, people laughed at them and ridiculed them but then, they never gave up and taught the world how to fly. The same goes for Mars One. You can laugh at us, you can mock us but the burning desire and passion of the “Mars Astronauts” will never get extinguished. Hip-Hip Hurray!

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