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What is it like to get your first salary?

Getting first salary

Getting first salary

Phew! The first salary that you get is an absolutely unique and special memory. After all these years of hard work, effort and luck, I’ve started experiencing the feeling that I have arrived at the first step of my career life – My first salary. The reason for which we study might differ from person to person but it all boils down to one single aspect – Money and I’ve started earning on my own. Feels magical.

Like everyone else, I was spending a lot of time for about a week on thinking what I’m gonna do with my first pay. The thing that struck me was to gift something to my family and I did it. I sent my family members different gifts and I am so glad that they like them and are very happy.

The bank’s communication system was down (presumably) on the day that I got my salary. It was around 7:30 PM and I went to a mall here to do some shopping. Since I did not get the salary credit message from the bank, I went to an ATM and tried withdrawing Rs 500 and WOW! My salary was credited and the next few moments were jam-packed with serenity and joy.

So, that’s it. I don’t have time to write much but I’ll make sure I write on something when time permits. I wish everyone all the very best in achieving what you are aiming at. Adios!


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