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Protect your Dog – Parvo Virus kills!

A dog infected with Parvo Virus in a cage

A dog infected with Parvo Virus in a cage

Guys .. I just lost a pup today  – aged less than 50 days. It was stricken down mercilessly with the deadly parvo virus. Very heart breaking and grieving.

If you are getting a puppy, PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS VACCINATED ON OR BEFORE THE 42ND DAY OF BIRTH. Otherwise, pup that is afflicted by this virus has only a 50/50 chance of survival. Mine, unfortunately was not so lucky, his heart gave away this morning. Just one more day on treatment and he would have made it. Just one more day… But it did not happen.

Last night, he seemed to be recovering. He was moving around the room and looking straight into my eyes like an arrow that is ready to go off the bow. And I promised him that nothing would happen to him and he is going to be just fine. I was not able to keep up that promise.

Gave him some fluid today and when he started vomiting it out, I took him and put him on my lap and assured him that everything will be alright. He gave a weird squeak and he died in my arms. Very disastrous.

So please.. If you are getting a puppy, especially any dark tan breeds like the german Shepard, Rottweiler and pit bulls, PLEASE SEE TO THAT IT IS VACCINATED FOR PARVO VIRUS. Otherwise, it is not going to survive despite the treatment and the care that you provide.

Please be informed about this and share this with your friends so that they too get to know. Please ask for the vaccination card from the breeder when you get the pup. Never trust his words – they might be lies. BEWARE!

I do not want this to happen to any other pup. It is a very disturbing thing. Take care. Peace!


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