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Keep Calm and play DoTA!

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Keep Calm and Carrion

Keep Calm and Carrion

Having an on and off relationship with Dota2, I haven’t been able to play much lately because I found myself a job ūüėõ . Nevertheless, when I go back to my hometown on vacation, the first thing that I do is put down my bags and sign in to my steam account – DOTA¬†time. The feeling in imba! After having not played for like 3 – 5 months, that first match will be a little difficult because you have not played at all for so many days but from the second match onwards, AWESOME!

I started off with Dota¬†when I saw a friend of mine used to play it all the time. I was like ‚ÄúWhat the hell is so addictive about this game. Let me try it” and as time passed on, I understood my friend’s feeling. I felt the need to play and wasn’t able to go on without playing even for a day. Then came Dota2. I was doing my college and when I got back home, Dota¬†2 was my thing. I was one of the lucky guys to receive a free invitation from Alienware Arena soon after the launch and started playing the game. Pretty bad at first but slowly gained some confidence and I play “okay” now – not too good, not too bad.

Having played more than 1000 matches and having more than 530 wins, I have a keen interest in promoting the game and telling people how awesome it is. Most of the original Dota players have now migrated to Dota 2, abandoning the parent version of the game. Most of the tournaments are also being conducted only for Dota2 (E.g. The International, etc) but some players , those who have been playing the original game for a very long time still have not migrated and they claim that Dota is better than Dota2. They find it hard to move on to the newer and younger version of the game due to various reasons. While I agree that complete abandonment of the original version is injustice, it is important for those players to slowly move on and consider playing and enjoying the newer version of the game. Dota2 is better in so many ways РAwesome Graphics (Way, Way better than Dota 1), better user interface, more player- friendly and a lot of easy-to-use options that are not available in Dota1. This is also free-to-play like its predecessor. So what do you lose? Download steam, Install Dota 2 and start playing!

A piece of advice to young players: Play as much as you want but keep in mind that your academics is important too. Please concentrate on your studies and have some goal in life and enjoy playing at the same time. While it is possible to make a career out of Dota2, it is NOT likely possible for everyone and anyone. Only very few people make a career out of it (casting, Dota 2 Workshop, etc). So, guys, please concentrate on what you will do for a living and do that first and while at it, if you need a break, Dota 2 is always there for you!

Cheers! Keep calm and play dota :).

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