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The International 2014 – Compendium ~ Amazing!

I happen to be one of the proud owners of  “The International 2014” Dota 2 compendium! The battle bonus, the immortal gift items, fantastic couriers and what not! Awesome! And as I write, the current International prize pool is $8,678,370 USD. I mean, WOW! There cannot be a comparison between the prize pool of last year and that of this year. From this, it is clearly evident that the fan base and the player base of Dota 2 is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Here is a screenshot of the official compendium page :

Dota 2 - The International Compendium 2014

Dota 2 – The International Compendium 2014

The following are the stretch goals :

The International 2014 - Stretch Goals

The International 2014 – Stretch Goals

Valve did a good job hiring IceFrog and making Dota 2. Clearly, there is an outburst in popularity and demand for the game. The other day, I was reading an article and I came to know that an average steam workshop submitter made $15000 submitting items in the Steam Workshop. Even though the game is free-to-play, this Goliath of a game has brought monstrous income to the company. The number of players currently online as I write is 743582. Valve also claims that the number of Dota 2 players have surpassed the number of Warcraft 3 players.

Valve has also officially announced the release of the Goblin techies after The International (many people have been craving to play this guy in Dota 2). Also, a hidden stretch goal between $6,000,000 and $6,800,000 has been reached which gives all compendium owners a unique feature that will make the techies taunt enemies in their deathcam when killed by them. Cool.

The compendium points are granted in various forms. There are many ways to gain compendium points for free. But, if you are really up for it, you could always buy points for a price. $2.49 USD – 500 points, $4.99 USD – 1100 points and  $9.99 USD – 2400 points. All the stretch rewards will be received by all compendium owners, irrespective of the level of their compendium. Level 90 compendium owners receive 2x immortal items and at level 100, you receive 3x immortal items.

A percentage of every purchase goes to the prize pool. Be it the compendium, be it the extra compendium points – every purchase adds a % to the overall prize pool. So, I request all players to contribute (If you can afford it) to this wonderful game. Long live Dota 🙂 .



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