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Dota 2 Apps for Android

Dota 2 Statistics - Screenshot

Dota 2 Statistics – Screenshot

I am not able to play DoTA 2 much so I decided to keep Dota close to me through my mobile. I browsed the Google Playstore and I found several awesome apps for Dota 2. I am giving you the list of THE best apps below :

First, download the “STEAM” app. Awesome to keep in touch with your playmates.

Second, go for “Dota 2 Statistics” app. This app helps you keep track of your own matches and your friends’ matches too. Dotabuff doesn’t have a mobile app and this app makes it up for it. You can download only your latest 500 matches with this app. Matches before that are not retrieved. This app gives an error saying “Only 100 matches can be loaded with this method. Use Alternate Method?”. Just click on YES and choose the alternate method. Only then the app will retrieve the match data.

Next is “Dota 2 Counter Generator” or Dota 2 CG. As the name implies, if you input the heroes of your enemy team in this app, it gives you a list of good and bad picks. Not really necessary but it doesn’t hurt to have it installed.

Dota 2 Hook Pro” is another fun app. It is a game, actually. There is this Pudge standing behind the trees in the jungle and heros keep moving in front of you. You need to hook those heroes. Doesn’t really improve your hooking skills in-game but it’s fun.

Dota 2 Companion” is another wonderful app to have. It contains the details of all the hero skills, their attributes and it gives you level wise stats for every hero. Also, you have the detailed description of items. Good to have.

Dota 2 TV” is wonderful app and is a must have. It gives you the details of all the pro matches – LIVE. It also gives you updates on which twitch channels are live (like Beyond The Summit, TobiWanDota, etc,.). It also gives you the latest results from sites like gosugamers, join dota etc. Great App, must have.

You can always download the “Twitch” App that is available. Good one, just like the website.

Dota 2 HD Wallpapers” contains awesome wallpapers that you can use for your phone. The wallpaper quality is good and looks awesome either as a background image or as a screen saver. Go for it.

Dota 2 Invoker Trainer” is another fun app. It allows you to practise Invoker skills and helps you work with the combos. Doesn’t really help your in-game moves but it helps you to execute your combos quickly.

Dota 2 Soundboard” is another app that helps you download the voice/quotes of your favorite hero.

Apart from these, there are other apps like “Dota Vine“, “Dota Guides” and “123 Dota“. You can take a look if you are interested.





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