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The twitch stream robbery~ What could possibly go wrong?

An intruder with a gun

An intruder with a gun – Caught live on stream

So? What can possibly go wrong while streaming a Dota 2 game on twitch? This post is to highlight that ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME! So.. Sajedene (Nikki Elise) (presumed to be SunSfan’s (Shannon Scotten’s) girlfriend) was streaming a live Dota 2 game on twitch. Everything was perfectly normal until horrific screams were heard in the background. After a couple of seconds, she looked horrified and bolted out. A few moments after that, (while the stream was still online and active), an intruder was seen holding a gun. Apparently, there were burglars at their house and they were being robbed while live streaming their game. Shortly after this incident, Sajedene’s channel was taken down due to “Service Terms Violation”. As of now, we can assume that this happened because a person with a gun was seen on the stream and hence the channel was shutdown.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. Various interpretation of the background screaming was published. In one of those, one of the intruder shouts out “We are not robbers”, which makes it obvious that there were more than one intruder in the house. Viewers reported seeing a man with a gun enter the room. The face was not captured clearly on the camera but many snapshots showing partial image of the face were published. People also reported that moments after the intruder entered the room, he tried to disconnect the monitor and the webcam. Then the lights were switched off. Fans watching the stream reached out to as many people as possible to help the duo out. Phone calls were made to people who knew the address and the cops were informed. Cyborgmatt made attempts to contact SunSfan and later he tweeted letting the Dota 2 world know that they both are shaken up but safe. Below is the part of the stream that shows the intruder enter the room with a gun.

The duo reached out to the Reddit community telling them that they are safe and they have extended their heartful thanks to all the people who tried to help them. Latest news from the sources is that one of the intruders has been apprehended and is under police custody. The other intruder is still on the run.  The discussion on this link mentions that they wanted to rob a bank (I don’t see why they broke into SunSfan’s house if they wanted to rob a bank). The “Update 4” in the discussion mentions that Neil (who was allegedly in Europe) called Spawn (who was in the US and aware of SunSfan’s address) and Spawn called the cops. Look how awesome the technology is. Moreover, I am very happy to know that there are so many good people in the Dota 2 community – A BIG salute and thanks to all of them. SunSfan’s pet cats (that were reported to be missing) are now known to be fine.

A good and a safe ending to a terrible incident, ain’t it? Who could have ever guessed such a horrible incident would occur – that too while casually live streaming on Twitch? Be safe at all times and may all goodness be bestowed on people. And once again, I feel obligated to sincerely thank everyone who tried to help. Long live Dota 2 and long live the Dota 2 community.

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