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My experience – Reissue of passport

Indian Passport

Indian Passport

I would like to share my experience with the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). The only hassle for me was the documents that were required for the police verification. They wouldn’t tell what documents they need at once so had to run around to gather all the documents as and when they told me. I’ll talk about that a little later in the post.

Mode : Normal/Re-issue (Address Change)

1) Appointment with Passport Seva Kendra( PSK) : 30-March-2015.

2) Police Verification :  13-April-2015

Police sent the report to commissioner’s office the very next day.

3) Report sent from commissioner’s office to the Regional Passport Office (RPO): 25th April 2015

4) Passport printing initiated on 26th April 2015.

5) Passport printing completed on 27th morning.

6) Passport dispatched on 27th at around 6.15 PM.


So, below is the detailed explanation of how I got my passport reissued.

At the PSK: (30th March, 2015)

1) Booked an appointment for the 30th of March 2015 at the PSK, Coimbatore (3:00 PM appointment)

Went to the PSK at 2.15 PM and the guard outside wouldn’t let me in. I waited outside the gate till 2.45. The person outside checks my printed appointment form and then joined the queue to get inside the premises. The PSK at Coimbatore, is well maintained, I must say. Air-conditioned and clean. Not like other government offices.

When I went in, there were hell a lot of people there making a lot of noise. I had to wait in a LONG queue to get a token so that I could get started with the process. Some people didn’t bother about the queue and they tried to join in the middle which seriously pissed me off. Retards. A guy from the queue nearby asked me if he can join my queue because his queue was moving slow and I said NO. We all have work, he is nothing special. So, at last, I was at the counter and the guy asked me if it was for a fresh passport or a reissue. I told him it was for address change. He started filling up some form and asked me for the original address proof. I gave him my voter ID and my old passport. He checked all the details, put that filled form into a folder and asked me to go further inside.

There was a locked door that could only be opened using an access card. A guard there saw my folder and opened the door for me. I went in and there was a medium sized screen where the token numbers were displayed. I waited for my turn and when they called out my token number I had to go to counter ‘A’.

Counter A:

There was a lady sitting there. She asked me for my folder and checked the details. She asked me to sit down so that my photograph can be taken. After taking my photograph, she asked for my email ID and my mobile number. She then typed my new address into the computer and then took my fingerprints of all the 10 fingers. She then wrote something on my file and asked me to proceed to counter B.

Counter B:

There was a lady sitting in this counter who was screaming at the guy before me. She sent him back and he had to get some more documents and wait in the queue again to get in. I was a little nervous. It was my turn and she asked to see my old passport. She then asked for my original address proof and photocopies. She then asked me to sign a couple of forms. Then, she stamped those forms and placed a CANCELLED seal on the front and last page my passport. She then asked me to proceed to counter C.

Counter C:

There was a guy here, he was about 45 – 50. This guy was staring into my file and then into my old passport. He then asked what my educational qualification is. I told him and he told me he is granting my application and I’ll get my passport after police verification is done. For some reason, this guy decided I should have a pre-police verification (police verification before passport is issued) instead of a post-police verification. 😦 . It was just a reissue.

After this, while exiting counter C, a guard asked me to fill a form and then gave me a sheet of paper that contained my file number. I exited the premises. The entire process took around 1 hour.

Since this was a reissue, the only documents I needed were my Voter’s ID and my old passport.

Police Verification : (13th April, 2015)

I had to go to the police station on the 12th of March, 2015. I went there with minimal documents and because of that I was not able to complete it on the same day. I had to go back the next day to get it done. The following were the documents required for the police verification :

1) Old Passport – Original and 1 photocopy.

2) Driver’s license – Original and 1 photocopy.

3) Voter’s ID – Original and 1 photocopy.

4) Birth Certificate – Original and 1 photocopy.

5) 10th and 12th standard Mark Sheets – Original and 1 photocopy each. (Or School/College TC)

6) 2 reference letters from neighbors stating that they know you and the duration (should be a minimum of 1 year) along with photocopies of their Ration Card/Pan Card.

7) 2 recent color passport size photos.

They arrange all the forms in order and staple them. After this, they fill up like 5 forms and you have to sign in 3 – 4 places and place your fingerprints on one of those forms and on the ledger for police records.

The police asked me questions like these :

Have you ever been abroad before, Do you have any court case on you?

I said NO and Hell, No! I was good to go. The guy told me that he’ll be sending the report to the Commissioner’s office the very next day. I thanked him and came back home.

After the report went to Commissioner’s office, it took about a week for them to send it to the RPO.

After the Commissioner’s office sent the report to the RPO, the printing, signing, lamination, quality-check and dispatch of passport took less than 2 days. It was very quick and I am very happy.

I’ll be receiving my passport soon. 🙂 . YAY!

My advise is to have as many documents as possible. Please be available for police verification, do not miss it or give them excuses. They might send back a report telling that you are not available at that address and that is going to be a big headache for you.

Good luck!


The new passport has a lot of changes. The changes are in the first page and the personal identification page.

The first page where the following note appears in now on the left side (rather than on the right side):

These are to request and require in the Name of the President of the Republic of India all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford him or her, every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need.By order of the President of the Republic of India”

Also, on the personal identification page, there is a ghost photo that is printed to the right of the page. This ghost photo is apparently a complex security measure to prevent passport counterfeiting.

Both the front and the back pages are laminated well, unlike the older passports. This prevents the ink from smudging or from degrading over time, I suppose!


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