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How to : Educational Credential Assessment from WES

Educational Credential Assessment or ECA is one of the first and foremost step to be completed to be eligible to apply under the Canada’s Express Entry scheme. ECA is mandatory for all the primary applicants applying under Express Entry [who DO NOT hold a post-secondary Canadian degree]. ECA is highly recommended for the spouses of applicants to increase the Comprehensive Ranking System Score (CRS).

An ECA is done in order to evaluate the academic credentials of the applicant and see what the foreign degree is worth in Canada. There are several organizations designated by the CIC but the least expensive and widely recommended organization is World Education Services (WES), Canada. The scope of this post is to explain the steps in getting an ECA done from WES.

Please note that you DO NOT need an ECA for your 10th and 12th grade certificates. If you have a bachelors then get ECA done only for your bachelors (unless you have another diploma like a Post-Graduate Diploma of some sort; In this case, you might be eligible to get both of them evaluated and you will get more CRS points). For M.Sc applicants, it is mandatory to get your bachelors evaluated even if you have Masters but in no instance would you need an evaluation of your 10th and 12th grade mark sheets.

Getting your ECA done is a pretty simple and straightforward process. The only thing you have to do is get your documents right. WES is very strict in this regard and it is your responsibility to get all the required documents required properly.

ECA - WES - Steps

ECA – WES – Steps (Credit : WES Website)

Step 0: Use the preliminary assessment tool to find out what the outcome of the evaluation might be. This should be used only for reference and must not be taken as an official assessment of your credentials.

WES – Preliminary Assessment

Step 1: Understand what documents you require. You can see what documents you require using the below link.

WES – Documents Required

Every country has a different procedure. In some cases, there are different requirements for different universities belonging to the same country. There are different requirements for people who studied in an affiliated institution and in an autonomous institution. Please go through the above link to know more.

Step 2: Request your University to issue you the transcripts. Please check your university website/give them a call and understand how to request transcripts.

Step 3: Create an account in WES and make the payment. This is a very easy process, just follow the steps on the site. check out the below link.

WES – Create Account

You get a “ECA Package” that will provide:

1) A hard copy of your ECA report.

2) A soft copy that you can access online.

3) CIC will be able to check your ECA report online.

Please note that an ECA done for the purpose of Canada Immigration is valid for 5 years.

Step 4:

Send the documents to WES/have your institution send it to them. Use a reliable courier service. Information on how to send your documents can be found in the link provided in Step 1.

Step 5:

WES receives your documents and the status will change from “Waiting for required documents” to “Documents received – Review in Progress”.

Step 6:

After reviewing your documents, WES will either accept those documents and change the status to “Evaluation in Progress” or they will request you to send more documents (if need be). If the documents were not received by them in the format specified, they will reject your documents and you will have to start from Step 1 again. So, be careful while sending the documents. Try to get it right the first time.

Step 7:

After WES completes an evaluation (The standard processing time is 20 Business Days), they will send out an E-mail that says “Evaluation Completed” and dispatch the hard copy of your report to the address mentioned in your account. You will be able to view the report online. The below image shows how your online account would look once the Evaluation is completed.

ECA - WES - Evaluation Completed

ECA – WES – Evaluation Completed



At the end of the business day, you will be able to see the tracking number of your package in the “Report Shipping and Tracking” section of your WES account. Please note that the tracking facility is available only for those who choose “International Courier” as the delivery mode of the ECA report. Tracking is not available for Standard Mail. The “Report Shipping and Tracking section would look like as shown below after your hard copy has been dispatched.


ECA - WES Report Tracking

ECA – WES Report Tracking


The image below shows the route my report has traveled to reach me 😀 .

ECA Hard Copy - Shipping Route

ECA Hard Copy – Shipping Route

Step 8:

You will receive the hard copy of the report in under a week; depending on where you live, there might be delays.

A sample ECA report is provided below.

WES - Sample ECA Report

WES – Sample ECA Report
(Credit: WES Website)


Let me share my experience in getting the ECA.

I made payment to WES on June 14. I got my 7 digit WES Reference Number. I applied for transcripts on 20th of June (My friend did this for me since I was not able to go to the University). He got the transcripts back from them on 1st of July and sent it to WES on 3rd. They received the documents on 9th of July – Status changed to “Documents received – Review in progress”. After a week, since there was no update whatsoever, I sent them a note using their online contact form asking them why there was no E-Mail/status update on my application and the status changed to ” Evaluation in progress ” on July 17 (The very next day). Then, on July 21, when I woke up, I had a mail in my inbox that said “Evaluation Completed”. I was able to view an online copy of my report and a tracking number was provided at the end of day. You can use this tracking number to locate your package and sign up for notifications. I had my credential evaluated in just 8 business days. Very prompt service and highly recommended.

It’s easy. You just need some research, that’s it. I highly recommend the “Canadavisa Immigration Forum” for ANY information on Canada Immigration. Please check out the link below. It’s truly the holy grail for current/potential immigrants.

CanadaVisa – Immigration Forum


Hope that helped! Great day!



51 comments on “How to : Educational Credential Assessment from WES

  1. Amritha Gopan
    June 21, 2018

    I was trying toget my ECA from WES for Canada immigration,the agents asked me to get the 10th and +2 certificates also attested.Can you help me where i can get it done?
    My college certificates are already attested

    • rajkamalm
      June 24, 2018

      Nope. 10th and 12th are not required. Time to dismiss your agent and proceed with someone else.

  2. Lijin Joyes
    March 23, 2016

    Hi Raj, I did my bachelors graduation from Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam,Kerala,India. I made an application on WES for Evaluation . Now i need to go to university to Apply for Transcript. Do i need to pay fees. Please help.

    • rajkamalm
      April 1, 2016

      I’m not aware of your university’s rules. Give them a call.

    March 21, 2016

    I requested for ECS for 10th.How can I remove the ECS for 10th.

  4. Dhaval
    March 7, 2016

    Hi Raj, I am Dhaval here. I show your responses , its really very helpful. I have taken transcripts from my college in august 2014 and that time i was in thought of application for CANADA immigration. But because of some other problems, i could not. But now i am planning for the same. So is that old transcripts are fine now or do i need to again to my college and have fresh transcripts again ? Pls help me..

    • rajkamalm
      March 19, 2016

      Suggest you to send recent transcripts.

  5. Adul
    January 23, 2016

    Dear Raj

    I did my degree with Madras University. Does the university help sending the transcripts direct to WES. or we can send the transcripts and WES accepts that.

    thanks for your reply

    • rajkamalm
      January 30, 2016

      I have no idea of getting transcripts from “Madras university”.

      • praveen
        February 7, 2016

        Hi raj
        I did MBA in project management from Algappa university in 2014.
        Is this degree is accredited for canada immigration
        I mean do I get 23 points for this.
        Appreciate your help
        If I get 23 points then only I will be elegible for immigration

      • rajkamalm
        February 12, 2016

        Please check if the university name is available in any one of the agencies that CIC has authorized to issue ECA s. Check the below page for links to the websites of ECA issuing agencies – http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/assessment.asp

    • Natec
      January 30, 2016

      Madras University does the Certificate attestation. You need to go in person to get it done from them. They attest the envelope also. You need to seal it and send it to WES

      • Abdul Jalal
        January 30, 2016

        Very kind of you raj, valuable info On 30-Jan-2016 4:42 pm, “Rajkamal Mohanrams Blog” wrote:

        > Natec commented: “Madras University does the Certificate attestation. You > need to go in person to get it done from them. They attest the envelope > also. You need to seal it and send it to WES” >

  6. nitinpai
    December 27, 2015

    Hi Raj,

    I have some queries with regards to WES. My graduation was in 2005 and PG diploma in 2014. I have the marksheets and degree/diploma with me. From what I have read is that I need to get them attested in a sealed envelope from the universities. I have the confusion of transcripts. What exactly are those and are those mandatory? Dont the marksheets and degree/diploma suffice?

    Another question is I have to apply for WES evaluation for my spouse. She has done post graduation post marriage. So the names of graduation and post graduation are different in terms of middle and last name. In WES I saw that I do get a provision for specifying that there is name change. But will there be any issue as it is changed only for graduation and not for her PG?

    • rajkamalm
      January 2, 2016

      1) Depends from university to university but the general meaning of transcript = “A copy of your degree certificate and marksheets certified by the university”. You can either ask your seniors and you can call up the university and ask how it works there. And of course, yes, transcripts are mandatory.

      2) This should not be an issue. Whatever name you give in the online account, they’ll print it. To be safe, just write a letter explaining your situation and attach your marriage certificate and both of your passports as proof. Might work. Otherwise, call WES first and ask them what to do.

  7. anujpress24
    December 13, 2015


    My wife has done her b.com and m.com from university of Purvanchal ..we did a pre check with wes …it shows that her MCom is 3 yr degree equivalent and BCom is 3 yr diploma..will this be consider under dual degree …asking in reference to CRS points ..I think dual degree will fetch us more points than just bachelor


    • rajkamalm
      December 13, 2015

      Yes if it shows a three year diploma and a three year degree, then, you can choose “Two or more degrees…”.

  8. Abdul
    November 26, 2015


    I did BE in chennai and certificate course Level 7 in NZ, how can i get the transcrpts for studies done in abroad?

    • rajkamalm
      November 26, 2015

      I don’t think certificate courses will fetch you any points. Anyway, use the WES preliminary evaluation tool to find out!

  9. Sri Preethi
    November 15, 2015


    I have few queries on transcripts & WES evaluation.

    Should i make payment to get reference number from WES?

    2.My husband completed Btech from anna university, & MBA (correspondence) from madras university.
    He has not received his MBA degree from madras university. But has received provisional certificate.
    Should i get transcripts for both degrees? If so what can i do for MBA degree.
    Is it ok to apply with Btech degree.

    I hold B Sc degree from PSGCAS affiliated to bharathiyar university & MBA from anna university. Should i get get trascripts for both degrees?
    After getting transcripts in the envelope, should i send the original transcript to WES or a photocopy?
    My husband has completed IELTS & scored 7 band. How long is the score valid. Some website says 2 years & in some it is 1 year.

    Sorry for too many questions. I still have a lot more questions, because of too much info from the net. Confused actually !
    Please guide me so that i can complete this process successfully
    Awaiting for your reply
    Thanks in advance


    • rajkamalm
      November 15, 2015

      Yes, I imagine you need to make payment to get reference number.

      Actually, going with the highest degree is usually enough. But you pay the same fee if you get them evaluated both at the same time. So, its upto you to decide. Yes, provisional certificate can be sent in lieu of the degree certificate but be sure to send transcripts along with it.

      Same applies to you.

      You must send the originals in the envelope as is. Except for writing your reference number on the top of the envelope, do not change it in any way or open it.

      IELTS results are valid for 2 years. I’d suggest your husband to retake the test and get a CLB-9 (LRWS 8777) in order to maximize your CRS points.

  10. Extemporeus
    November 10, 2015

    I have applied through WES .The status shows “Evaluation in Progress”. How many days it will take to complete the evaluation? In their website ,it has given that 7 working days. But here the writer said that he got after 4 days . Have the evaluation days increased 4 to 7 days? or 7 days are their assumption date?

    • rajkamalm
      November 10, 2015

      Hi, I’m the author. The standard processing time is 20 days. The status changes in the middle can differ. You’ll get your evaluation done within 20 business days. Have patience.

  11. Sudhakar
    October 30, 2015

    Hi Raj,
    I am Sudhakar from Thailand
    It will be grateful, if you can provide me correct information about transcripts certificates.
    Let me Explain here,

    I have graduated BCA from PRIST college in 2004 which is affiliate to Bharathidasan University Trichy.
    I have graduated MCA from Bishop Heber College in 2007 which is an autonomous college.

    As stated on WES requirements, I am pretty sure that I need to get the academic transcripts for both BCA and MCA.
    • My questions is that do I need to get transcripts for both BCA and MCA cumulative certificates?
    • If I get two transcripts,BCA will be from university and MCA will be from my autonomous college right?
    • If i get two sealed envelope, how should prepare to send to WES on the envelope?
    • Since the transcripts certificate given from university or college, how can I mention WES ref number on the certificates?
    • Along with transcripts certificates do I need to send provisional certificate and degree certificates? If its yes, do I need to get attestation for both certificates ?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Anil
    October 6, 2015

    Hi Raj,

    I just created a profile on WES but I don’t see an option to add my wife’s credentials in this. I assume I’ll need to create a separate profile for her and pay separately.

    I also noticed there are two text boxes for “Years Attended”and “Year Awarded”. Am I right in assuming that the year awarded is the date on the degree? I studied B. Sc. from 1999 to 2002 but the date on the degree is 2003. So, the year awarded should be 2003, right?

    Another query, I haven’t yet received the MBA degree so should be the “Year Awarded” for that?

    Sorry, some of the questions may be straight forward but I’m just trying to be sure.

    Thanks in advance

    • rajkamalm
      October 6, 2015

      You have to create a separate profile for your wife.
      The year awarded should be the year on your degree certificate.
      For your MBA, the you can provide the date on your provisional certificate.

      • Anil
        October 6, 2015

        Great, thanks for the prompt reply.

  13. Dhruv
    September 28, 2015

    Hi Raj ,

    I have taken WES reference number and applied for Transcript as well . I am expected to get it in a week time .I have few questions , they are as follows .

    1) They have asked for a legible copy of my degree certificate . Do I need to write WES reference # on it ?

    2 ) Transcript :- My transcript will be issued by constituent institute ( my college affiliated to VNSG university in gujarat ) and sent to university where registar will sign and stamp it . He will put it in envelope and again stamp and sign on back flap as per the requirement . Will that be ok ? Moreover , do I need to write WES number on official trascript envelopw ?

    3 ) I am planning to put degree cerificate and transcript in one big envelope with cover letter and send it to WES . Will it work ?

    Regards ,

    • rajkamalm
      September 28, 2015

      1) Yes you can write your reference number on the top corner of the page.
      2) That should be okay. And yea, write your reference number on the envelope.
      3) Have the documents issued by the university in one envelope. Place your documents like the degree certificate in another, small envelope. Put these two envelopes inside a larger envelope. Write WES’s address and reference number on the larger envelope and send it to WES.

      • Dhruv .
        September 28, 2015

        Dear Raj ,

        Fantastic . Everything is crystal clear in my mind now .

        Cheers !

        Dhruv .

  14. Ekansh
    September 23, 2015

    Hi Raj,
    I have a query regarding the ECA for me as well as my wife:
    1) My Engineering college is autonomous and have been listed into the list provided by WES and I can send the photocopies of marksheets as well and transcript is not required for me.But for sending the photocopies from whom I will get it attested and also how I myself pack it into the envelop with seal from my college.
    2) My wife has completed her MBA in 2009-2011 and in the same duration she has completed her M.COM (Correspondence or External) from Pune University.COuld you please suggest us, is it valid if we send the transcripts of both the courses for Evaluation since both the courses haven been completed in same duration of 2009 -2011.Will it not create any suspicion of fraud or something.

    Please help and suggest.


    • rajkamalm
      September 23, 2015

      1) You need to get the arrested mark sheets from your college.

      2) I think this should be okay. WES has its own procedure for evaluating so you’ll know only when you have submitted the documents to them.

      • Ekansh
        September 23, 2015

        You mean the photo copies to be attested?
        Actually I was not able to go to college as it is in different city but it seems I need to go to college now.In that case better I should get the transcript.


      • rajkamalm
        September 23, 2015

        The photocopies have to be signed and issued by your college.

      • Ekansh
        September 24, 2015

        Hi Raj,

        I was trying to create my login for WES.I have done bachelors degree i.e. Bachelor of Engineering.Could you please let me know what would be my institute type – University Education or Professional education.

        Please help.


      • rajkamalm
        September 24, 2015

        University education

      • rajkamalm
        October 6, 2015

        University education.

      • Ekansh
        September 24, 2015

        Hi Raj,

        right now I am preparing for IELTS and have not written the exam.But I am planing to apply for ECS so that I would get the ECS and also write the IELTS parallely.Also this will help me to expedite the process.Is this the right approach or should I fist right IELTS and then apply for ECS to WES.

        Please suggest.


      • rajkamalm
        September 24, 2015

        *ECA. Getting an ECA might take some time. So apply for ECA and prepare for IELTS.

  15. rits patel
    September 22, 2015

    I had recently given my IELTS Exam & secured 5 bands but i
    Given it in general module
    Can I apply with the help of it?
    Can I eligible for it?
    I had done my bcom with 1st class MBA with 1st class and I have 3 years of experience
    Advise me as quick as possible time about what should I have to do?
    Thank you so much.

    • rajkamalm
      September 22, 2015

      You need at least 6 in each of the sections to be eligible for EE. So as of now, you are not eligible.

  16. Kashif Khan
    September 20, 2015

    Mr. Raj thank you for sharing experiences, I would like to know I did my B.COM from Osmania University, Hyderabad and MBA from Alagappa University, Tamilnadu, if I order for transcripts it will 2 different packages sent directly to WES from 2 different states, is it acceptable by WES to receive 2 packages for 1 WES reference number

    • rajkamalm
      September 20, 2015

      This is perfectly okay. As far as you are sending your credentials for evaluation under your reference number, you are good to go.

  17. Natec
    September 19, 2015

    Hi Raj,
    In my degree certificate my last name is not expanded. So when applying in WES should i select the option as certificate issued in a different name ? Kindly suggest

  18. Natec
    September 19, 2015

    Hi Raj,
    My last name is not extended in the degree certificate. So when applying in WES should i select the option as degree issued in different name ? Kindly suggest

    • rajkamalm
      September 19, 2015

      No. Don’t do that. What I did was I wrote a letter of explanation telling them that we don’t usually expand last names on documents and attached my passport copy.

      You don’t even have to do that. While creating the account, give your full name and they’ll print that on the form.

      For instance, if your name is Abishek Rathod and your documents say Abishek R, then they’ll print Abishek (Rathod) R.

      Good luck with your process.

      • Natec
        September 19, 2015

        Thanks a lot for the prompt response Raj. I will follow your suggestion

  19. Dhruv
    September 18, 2015

    Hi ,

    Can you tell me how much you have paid ?

    I am a B.pharm degree holder with 5 years of experience .

    Let me know your number to have a word with you .

    Regards ,
    Dhruv .

    • rajkamalm
      September 18, 2015

      It’s around 16000 INR or 322 CAD.

      • Dhruv
        September 21, 2015

        Hi Raj ,

        Thank you for your reply .

        Can you provide your cell number ?

        My email Id – dhruvdashondi@gmail.com

        Regards ,
        Dhruv .

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