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How to : Get transcripts from Anna University, Chennai for WES

****Guys, this process has changed! The process is all online now. Please Google “Anna University Chennai transcripts online” and you’ll find the link*****

To get an Education Credential Evaluation from WES, you need to get transcripts from the university that awarded you the degree. Though the process

Anna University - Chennai

Anna University – Chennai

of getting the documents is almost the same for any purpose, there might be subtle differences. The scope of this post to explain the process of getting transcripts from Anna University, Chennai for getting a WES (Canada) evaluation for CIC purposes in extreme detail. It is a very easy and straightforward process (though you have to be careful sometimes since people there would miss to place a few documents in the envelope, I’ll talk about that a little later in the post).

I had a friend go get the transcripts for me since I was not able to go in person for personal reasons. I was familiar with the process by doing some homework (Forums, blogs etc.) but he wasn’t. So, I had to tell him every nuance from the working hours of the transcript office till the address to which the envelope had to be forwarded for evaluation. So, I sent a post (along with other required documents) so that he understands the process well and gets the transcripts on time. Read on to know how to get your transcripts from AU, Chennai.

General Information:

  • Go to the university as early as possible. The transcripts office is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. The office is always busy so expect to wait in a queue.
  • The entrance to this is before the Anna University bus stop when coming from Saidapet/Raj Bhavan side. You will see a Canara Bank ATM. As soon as you enter there is a temple to the left and just a little further down is the white building. You have to go to the transcripts section which is a small office behind this building.
  • The photocopy shop inside the campus is located behind the main canteen. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS OPTION BECAUSE IT IS FAR OFF FROM THE TRANSCRIPTS OFFICE AND IS ALWAYS VERY CROWDED.
  • Please have the below mentioned number of photocopies for all the documents as mentioned below.
  • Remember, soon after you take the DD, make photocopies of it. Also, you would need to write the application number, register number and name on the back of the passport size photos.
  • While filling the application form, please tell them that this request for transcript is being made for the purpose of getting an ECA from WES for Canadian immigration.

Please note that the university will take one week to deliver the transcripts (if you provide the original documents) and one month (if you do not provide your original document).


Documents required:

  • Degree Certificate – Original + Photocopies of front and back [2 copies]
  • Provisional Certificate – Original + Photocopies of both front and back[2 copies]
  • Consolidated Mark sheet – Original + Photocopies of both front and back[2 copies]
  • 10th, +2 Certificate – Original + Photocopies [2 copies each]
  • Passport – Photocopy [2 copies]
  • Your ID Proof – Original and Photocopy [2 copies]
  • The authorization letter given by me – Original
  • 3 Demand Drafts {DD} – [First DD for Rs.500, the second one for Rs.200 and the third one for Rs.200] Original + Photocopies. The Demand Drafts must be taken in the name of
    The Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25”. You must write your name, registration number on the back of all the DDs.
  • 2 letters (One to request Anna University to release the transcripts to WES and fill the “Academic Records Request form” for WES and the second one is a letter to WES “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets”). [I have included the format of the aforementioned letters below.]
  • Passport Size Photos – 2 photos (Write your name and registration number on the back of both the photos)
  • Academic Records Request form by WES – 1 filled in copies
  • Full Scale Envelopes – 2 (Write your name and registration number on the BACK OF ONE ENVELOPE ONLY)


  • Please remember that people who have got the transcripts before have claimed that the officials in this division are very arrogant not helpful. It is important not to lose your cool otherwise it is going to delay the process. It is also highly essential that you understand what you are doing and what they are asking.
  • Please wait in the queue and talk to the official at the window. He’ll ask you for the original documents first. Show him the ORIGINALS of Degree Certificate, Provisional Certificate and the consolidated mark sheet.
  • After this, he’ll give you an application form that reads “Application for the issue of transcripts”. You will see an Application Number on the top right corner of the form (Appl. No: ). Please note this application number down for your reference. This is the only proof that you will have.
  • Please write the application number on the back of the following documents :
  1. All the 3 Demand Drafts
  2. Passport Size Photos
  3. The full scale envelope.
  • Please tell the official that you would need them to I) Complete, Sign and place a seal on the WES “Academic Records Request Form” and II) Sign and Seal the “Non-issuance of Semester-wise mark sheets” letter.
  • After this, hand over the ORIGINAL Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate AND the Consolidated Mark sheet along with the other documents mentioned above to the official.
  • Please confirm with the official if you have given all the documents [ 2 request letters, WES Academic Records Request form, 3 photo copies of degree/provisional certificates, 3 photo copies of consolidated mark sheet, photos, DDs].
  • Kindly request the official to “Place the transcript, “Academic Records Request Form” and the “Non issuance of semester-wise mark sheets letter” in an official Anna University Envelope and SIGN ON THE FLAP”.
  • It is imperative that the official envelope is signed on the flap otherwise it will be INVALID. The below image illustrates an envelope that is signed on the flap.
Sealed envelope - Sample

Sealed envelope – Sample


  • Please make sure you have your authorization letter, your ID Proof and your ID proof to collect the transcripts and your original documents.
  • Please collect the transcript envelope and check if it is signed on the flap.
  • Also, don’t forget to collect the original documents.


  • Please ensure that the transcript is available in the format earlier described. I am attaching a sheet with an illustration that shows how the envelope should be. Do not DO ANYTHING to the official transcript given by Anna University [other than writing your WES reference number on it]. Handle it very carefully; the seal on the flap must be intact.
  • Get a big cloth/fiber-like envelope [The one in which we used to get our exam question papers] and a standard A-4 Envelope.
  • In the standard A-4 Envelope, you must enclose the following :
  • A neat, legible copy of degree certificate
  • A neat, legible copy of provisional certificate
  • Cover letter with the subject “Need expanded last name in report
  • The copy of passport along with the cover letter
  • Please remember to write the WES REFERENCE NUMBER of ALL the envelopes.
  • Then, put the transcripts and the standard A-4 sized envelope inside the big cloth/fiber-like envelope. The final package [inside the large envelope] should contain the following :
  • The transcript envelope given by Anna University. [With WES reference number on it]. It must be strategically placed so that the flap remains intact and in good condition.
  • The regular A-4 Envelope containing the aforementioned documents with WES reference number mentioned on it]
  • Please seal the big envelope tight.
  • Please write the following postal address [on the big envelope] legibly.

WES Reference No: XXXXXXX
World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

  • Write your address on the lower right of the envelope.

After this, the front of your envelope should look like it is illustrated below.

Final Envelope - Sample

Final Envelope – Sample

  • Send it to WES !


Anna University DOES NOT seal the flap. It signs on the flap and gives the envelope to you. You are responsible for sealing the flap and sending it to WES.

Some of the above mentioned documents might not be asked by the University but it is always good to have them, just in case!

Good luck with your ECA process, guys!


50 comments on “How to : Get transcripts from Anna University, Chennai for WES

  1. Mohamed Zoheb
    May 26, 2018

    Hi Raj,

    Thanks to your blog i have received my degree transcript, Academic Request Form, Notification on non issue of semester wise certificate and degree certificate copy attested from Anna University without much difficulty.

    I would be much grateful to you if you could clarify me on how to proceed with sending the documents to WES, Canada.

    Only the transcript alone should be placed in the sealed envelope or the WES Academic Request Form also to be placed in the sealed envelope along with other attested documents received from Anna University.
    Whether a copy of provisional certificate that has to kept in the A4 sheet should be attested by Anna University or just a copy.

    Thanks in advance.
    Mohamed Zoheb

    • rajkamalm
      May 30, 2018

      Put everything that you have in a larger envelope. Apart from those, just add a copy of your degree and send it to WES.

  2. Aparna
    March 30, 2018


    Your blog is so helpful! I did submit my documents online and that option cost me a lot of time(nearly four months wasted). I submitted my application online through iTranscripts and they missed my Tracking ID and the package was lost , since WES claims that they didn’t receive my degree certificate. They did refund my money(mius their processing charges). Now I’m doing it the manual way so I can keep track of the documents myself and since its faster to go directly to the University.

    But previously I had submitted the WES application stating my Institution name as Anna University(since my degree certificate states it as Anna University) and it was accepted. Now the staff at the transcript office state that I should’ve mentioned my college name as the Institution name. My college is an affiliated college under Anna University. Can I now change it on WES Application? Or should I now submit a fresh WES application with my college name?

    • Sudhakar
      March 31, 2018

      Hi. I am about to apply for Transcript this week. May i know how many days did this entire process took?

      • rajkamalm
        March 31, 2018

        You should ask this to someone applying now. I’m not sure, I’m sorry. I applied back in 2015. But I do hear you get transcripts in a couple of weeks now.

  3. Sudhakar
    March 28, 2018

    Hi Raj – Thanks for putting up this blog.It seems anna university has provided an online option for Transcript. But it does not contain any provision regarding WES. Will the Transcript obtained after online request fulfills all the requirements of WES? Could you please help me understand better?


    • rajkamalm
      March 28, 2018

      Anna University will send you the transcripts. You should add a copy of your degree in understand and then send that to WES.

  4. Tharun George
    April 13, 2016

    hi raj…..
    .I have read all your previous comments which is very helpfull thank u for that. but i want to clear few more doubts ….

    recently i have applied for WES evaluation Canada for express entry immigration process …i got a mail from them stating that i should send the degree / provisional certificate and academic transcript(attested) to WES Canada address ….my question is:
    1.what is academic transcript?.what are all the documents enclosed in one set of academic transcript?
    2.whether all the documents in transcript is attested? or i need to attest it one by one as per the need of WES.
    thank u
    please help….

    • rajkamalm
      April 14, 2016

      1) Differs from university to university.

      2) No. The CoE/Registrar would have already attested them. From your side, you just need to add a copy of your degree certificate and send it to them.

  5. rahimpal1230
    April 4, 2016

    Hi Raj/blog members

    Is it poss to get Anna univ transcripts without WES reference no..I’m planning get transcripts now and apply for wes later ..will univ issue without wes ref no

    • rajkamalm
      April 5, 2016

      I believe this is possible but I didn’t take this route so I’m not sure of the procedure.

  6. Muthukarthick
    March 28, 2016

    Hi raj
    I followed ur blog sent the to wes address canada. But in wes academic request form they have asked to send to new york adress. Can u pls clarify

    • rajkamalm
      April 1, 2016

      You have downloaded the wrong form then. Don’t send it to the US address. You need to send it to Ontario’s address. Follow the links carefully.

  7. Pradeep C.N.
    February 1, 2016

    Dear Mr Rajkamal,
    Thanks a lot for this valuable and clear information. Would appreciate your effort. I have one query, do we have to produce all the individual semester wise mark sheets or just Degree certificate with consolidated will be sufficient? Thanks a lot.

    • rajkamalm
      February 1, 2016

      Degree Certificate – Original + Photocopies of front and back [2 copies]

      Provisional Certificate – Original + Photocopies of both front and back[2 copies]

      Consolidated Mark sheet – Original + Photocopies of both front and back[2 copies]

      • Pradeep C.N.
        February 2, 2016

        Thanks a lot Mr Rajkamal.

  8. priya
    January 29, 2016


    What did you mention as “From Address” on your speed post?

    • rajkamalm
      January 30, 2016

      My friend sent it on my behalf! So, it was his address!

  9. Himadri Desai
    December 1, 2015

    hi…kindly let me know the format of the request letters you had mentioned i cannot find them here as you have mentioned (2 letters (One to request Anna University to release the transcripts to WES and fill the “Academic Records Request form” for WES and the second one is a letter to WES “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets”). [I have included the format of the aforementioned letters below.]

    • rajkamalm
      December 6, 2015

      They are simple letters! There’s no specific format. The non-issuance letter will be given by university.

  10. udayakumar p
    November 29, 2015

    hi rajkamal,

    thank you for clear procedure on this above subject.
    could you please share me the 2 request letters as you mentioned in below sentence.
    my mail is is pu.udayakumar@gmail.com
    thank you very much.

    “2 letters (One to request Anna University to release the transcripts to WES and fill the “Academic Records Request form” for WES and the second one is a letter to WES “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets”)”

  11. rahimpal1230
    November 28, 2015

    Hi Raj

    Thanks for lots of info u share on this …

    I’m trying to take DD online in advance so tht I don’t waste my time wasting queue over there.

    Please enter the branch code (other than debit-account branch) for the branch at which the demand draft is payable.

    When enter details online ..Anna univ mention branch name n bank at which did is payable

    • rajkamalm
      November 28, 2015

      All that matters is it should be payable to The Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25 and payable at Chennai. There is no such thing as payable at “this Branch” as far as a DD is concerned (as far as I know). I did not do it online so I am not sure what it is they are asking!

  12. Sri Preethi
    November 16, 2015

    hi Raj

    I have few queries regarding transcripts & WES Evaluation

    My husband holds BTech from Anna University & MBA (distance education ) from Madras university.
    If i want to apply for WES then should i get transcripts for both degrees?
    (He has got only the course completion certificate for MBA degree. )
    Should i make payment first in WES site to get reference number ?
    Or is it possible to get transcripts in Anna university & then make payment in WES?
    I hold a BSc degree from PSGCAS affiliated to Bharathiyar University & MBA degree from Anna University
    Should i get transcripts for both degree? And if so, should i get transcripts for BSc in PSGCAS (since it is autonomous college) Or Bharathiyar University.
    Also can u brief the procedure for obtaining transcript for the same
    My husband has scored 7 band in IELTS and I would like to know the validity of the IELTS score.
    Some site says 2 years & some says it is one year. pls enlighten me on this.
    Is there any format for authorization letter for anna university to get transcript? If so pls give a sample format

    Sorry for too many questions… I still have a lot more because of too much info on the net.
    Finally landed on your blog for clarification

    Awaiting your reply
    Thanks in advance

    • rajkamalm
      November 16, 2015

      I think I’ve already replied to these questions!

      • rahimpal1Abdul
        November 27, 2015

        Hi Rajkamal,

        If we just send the transcripts alone to WES without non issue of sem wise certs and WES form, would they not accept it for evaluation?

      • rajkamalm
        November 27, 2015

        Depends on your university. If your university issues semester wise marksheets, then it’s fine. Otherwise, IMO, you need a letter. WES form is optional, don’t worry about that.

    • rajkamalm
      November 21, 2015

      1) Usually highest degree will do. But you pay the same for getting both degrees evaluated, so why not get both evaluated? He can use the MBA provisional certificate.

      2) Yes, you need to pay to get ref number.

      3) Read point 1. That you should consult your college and ask them. Usually, if the college is autonomous, then you can get it from college.

      4) Validity of IELTS is 2 years

      5) You need authorization letter only if someone is going on your behalf to university.

      • Sri
        November 23, 2015

        Thanks for your reply….

      • SUrya N
        June 7, 2018

        Hi Raj,

        I Have BE from Anna University and MBA from Bharathiar University, Can i skip Anna University and get Transcripts just for my MBA for WES? I am yet to pay for WES, so in that case should i remove my UG (BE) from my WES profile?
        is there any drawbacks if i did so?
        Kindly help me on this.

        Surya N

      • rajkamalm
        June 9, 2018

        Well, you pay the same fee if you get both evaluated, so why not?

        But if you still want to go ahead just with the MBA, well I believe you can. Since you have a BE, it might be okay to skip it and go directly for MBA.

        However, for someone who has a Masters on top of a 3 year degree, they mandatorily have to get both the degrees evaluated.

  13. Harikrishnan.K.S
    November 11, 2015

    Hi Raj,

    A quick question mate. Do they ask forTransfer certificate?
    I have all the documents except Transfer certificate. Please reply back ..


    • rajkamalm
      November 11, 2015

      Not required. Your original degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet will do.

  14. Sriram
    October 30, 2015

    Hi, thanks for the detailed info on the procedure. I have a quick question. Is the original of the consolidated mark sheet necessary. I can’t seem to find mine, and I guess I lost it. However I have photocopies of it. And I have the originals of all the individual mark sheets. Would that suffice for the issue of transcripts.

    • rajkamalm
      October 30, 2015

      Well! If you don’t provide the originals, the processing time is 1 month. Take your original degree certificate and your provisional certificate and ask them.

      • rahimpal1
        November 27, 2015

        Hi Raj,

        Is it possible to get originals transcripts from anna univ without WES reference number, im planning to get the certificates now and apply later to WES evaluation?

      • rajkamalm
        November 27, 2015

        I’m not very sure about that!

  15. srividhya
    October 27, 2015

    Hi, Could you please share me “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets” sample? I’m not able to find a one

    • rajkamalm
      October 27, 2015

      It’s a simple letter! They have their own format. Just request them to issue a non issuance letter.

  16. Lalit
    October 12, 2015

    Anna University DOES NOT seal the flap. It signs on the flap and gives the envelope to you. You are responsible for sealing the flap and sending it to WES.

    How do i Seal the envelope.? What kind of Seal?

    • rajkamalm
      October 12, 2015

      By seal, I meant sealing the envelope shut.

      • Lalit
        October 12, 2015

        Thanks Raj ..I totally appreciate your help….
        So this is what i understood…they will sign(NO SEAL),and we need to align the signature on the flap and seal it….?One more thing… on the image you posted, there is a Seal on the flap…i believe in actual its not there…only the signature…?

  17. live2bshiv
    October 11, 2015

    Hi Rajkamal,

    Is this the process for a student of autonomous colleges or for Anna University campus students (i.e CEG, MIT, ACTech, SAP)? Do you know if there is a difference in the process?

    • rajkamalm
      October 11, 2015

      This is the process for students in affiliated colleges. For autonomous colleges, the process might differ.

      • live2bshiv
        October 11, 2015

        Great, thanks for your quick reply!

  18. Nishad.
    September 30, 2015

    Hi raj kalam,

    What should be the DD amt if i go for individual mark sheet attestation. Do u have any idea. Should I follow thw same procedure.

    • rajkamalm
      October 12, 2015

      I don’t think Anna University issues semester wise mark sheets.

  19. Dhanush M
    August 27, 2015

    Hi, Could you please share me “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets” sample? I’m not able to find a one

  20. Dhanush M
    August 21, 2015

    Hi, Should the DD only be taken from SBI bank?

    If i go for taking DD from axis bank, it is asking for “Payable at” along with “Payable Branch”.

    Please help

    • rajkamalm
      August 21, 2015

      It is better to take DD from nationalized bank!! Please go with SBI.

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